SA Demographics

The following demographic data on young South Australians is sourced from the ABS Census 2021. Data will be updated once a new census is completed and the data is released.



1.8 million people live in South Australia.

Young South Australians account for…



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The majority of young South Australians live within the city limits and only 1 in 4 live in regional/remote areas.

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Age groups

The birth rate in South Australia has been stable for the last seventeen years; this is demonstrated by the equal size age groups.

Socioeconomic status (SEIFA: IRSD)

The socioeconomic levels for South Australia suburbs.

What do you see when you zoom in from remote/regional areas to the city limits?

Young South Australian living in each socioeconomic levels…

One out of two young South Australians are living in the bottom two levels of disadvantaged circumstances (the lowest 40% of socioeconomic scores in the country).

Country of birth

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The majority of young South Australians were born in Australia, but a little more than 1 in 10 were born overseas. 

Languages used at home

Top 10 most spoken languages used at home in South Australia.
Learn how to greet each other in these languages.

Language greetings and pronunciations were sourced from:
– Ministry of Ethnic Communities, NZ Government
– Fluentu

Religious affiliations

Young South Australians and their reported religious affiliation…

Of the 40% of all children who report religious affiliation…


Household size

Number of children living in SA households…

The majority of SA households with children have only one or two children. So if you have two or more siblings you are in the minority.

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SA Demographics